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Excel Number Formatting for Dates

In the big world we live in, there are many different ways to write the date. Learn more about my preferred style and how to treat year in an internationally-friendly way.

SaveSheetAsPDF: Save an Excel Sheet as a PDF

When distributing reports to your audience, consider providing a PDF file rather than an Excel file. On your journey to automate your analyses using VBA, there’s an easy way to save an Excel Sheet as PDF.

Cleanup Downloads Folder

Do you prepare analytics by downloading a report, cleaning it up, summarizing it, and presenting it to your audience mostly using Excel? Say you’re looking to automate some of the steps using the power of VBA. How do you make sure your automated Excel App picks up the latest version of the downloaded report?

Useful nano Commands

When working in a shell, my preferred text editor is nano. I wanted to share some of my frequently used commands.

Useful tmux Commands

tmux (or terminal multiplexer) is used to split the current terminal screen into multiple “windows”. Here’s a quick reference card for frequently used commands for tmux.

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