Accessing Planning Analytics Transaction Log in PAFE

The TM1 Transaction Log records the history of changes to cube values in your database. This happens seamlessly in the background. It allows you to answer the question: who changed what and when? It’s an invaluable tool for administrators, power users, and even end-users. Historically, the Transaction Log was accessed using Architect or Perspectives, both of which are deprecated IBM Planning Analytics components. IBM Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.90 (September 2023) added the ability to access the Transaction Log using PAW. Additional ways to access the Transaction Log include third-party tools such as TeamOne or through a Python script using TM1py. Each of these utilizes the REST API.

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX/PAFE) also uses the REST API. However, it doesn’t offer an out-of-the-box user experience for the Transaction Log. This is most likely because PAFE is not intended to be an administrative tool and the Transaction Log is typically seen as an administrative function.

Regardless, the REST API makes this possible, so I’ve taken the liberty to build a Transaction Log Excel App that works with PAFE. I’ve made it self-explanatory but here’s some instructions to get you started:

  1. Download the Transaction Log Excel App. Ensure Excel MOTW is unflagged so the Excel App runs as intended.
  2. Connect to your database using PAFE.
  3. Adjust Server (cell B2) from “tm1” to the name of your database.
  4. Identify the Transaction Log columns you would like to filter on in column A.
  5. Pick a logic operator in column B.
  6. Enter a filter value in column C.
  7. Click Search Transaction Log.

You will see the contents of the Transaction Log meeting your criteria placed starting with the Output Cell (defined in cell B4).

Feel free to go through the VBA script and adapt it to meet your needs. Looking forward to feedback or recommendations.

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